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What TV And Movies Get Wrong About Drug Charges

Drugs have always been an attractive topic in American media. Many mainstream movies and TV shows have depicted drug use and abuse to varying degrees of accuracy. As with most topics, movies and TV are not always the most realistic representation of real life. Due to these discrepancies, there are many common misconceptions about what happens when one is charged with a drug-related offense. Here at Esposito Law Firm, we care about the well being of the people, and we want you to have the knowledge you need to avoid unnecessary legal trouble. 

Many TV shows and movies depict police planting evidence on suspects and then making an arrest. This can make for very entertaining and dramatic television, but rarely happens in real life. While there have always been allegations and some real cases, the overwhelming likelihood is that if you are arrested for drugs, there was enough evidence to warrant an arrest. In most states, they just need to prove that you had an illegal substance in your possession or intent to sell an illegal substance.

Many drug-related movies and TV series’ can also depict police brutally interrogating suspects, and occasionally using torture. This doesn’t usually happen in real life. Suspected criminals do in fact have legal rights, and the police know this. They also know that if they respect your rights, they are much more likely to get a conviction than if the suspect’s rights are violated. The police are more aware of your rights than you are, but the legal team at Esposito Law Firm knows your rights even better than the police. We look for any violation of your rights as leverage in your case because you deserve the utmost respect from the law.

What you need to do if you are arrested is to follow any instructions you are given and cooperate to the best of your ability. However, cooperating does not mean you are required to incriminate yourself. You do not have to answer any questions relating to your drug charge, and can instead wait to have an attorney present to guide you through the process. 

Call Esposito Law Firm P.A. as soon as possible to receive legal representation. We will fight for your rights as a Tampa citizen and ensure you receive fair, just legal action for any drug charge against you.