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What TV and Movies Get Wrong About Being A Lawyer

Hollywood is notorious for misrepresenting life events for the silver screen. This can often make better television or a better movie, but so many people base their understanding of the world on the things they see on TV. Lawyers are one of the many groups often misrepresented in television. Here at Esposito Law Firm, we care about our clients, and we don’t want there to be any confusion about the legal process when we begin working on your case. Below are just a few of the common misconceptions people have about our jobs, versus what working as a personal injury and criminal defense attorney is actually like. 

Many television lawyers can be seen helping criminals get away with their crimes. While this may happen on occasion, it is not a common practice, nor is it an ethical one for lawyers. Esposito Law Firm will not help criminals get away with their crimes. If a suspect’s rights have been violated, we will fight for them, and we provide comprehensive representation to give citizens a fighting change. However, we do not break the law and we do not represent our clients dishonestly. 

Lawyers are also depicted in the media as being greedy people who are very selfish. The truth is, lawyers are just people doing their job. They want to go to work and make a living like everyone else. There are greedy individuals in every walk of life, but lawyers across the board are not greedy people. Our team at Esposito Law Firm cares deeply about our community. We want to help ensure everyone has a fair chance when dealing with the legal process.

Lawyers are also depicted as being able to show up wherever they’re needed, whenever they’re needed. This simply is not the case. Lawyers often work longer hours than most for their clients, but even the most competitive law firms value a balance of work and involvement with family and community.. You will not always be able to have an in person meeting with your lawyer right when you need to, but you can always call Esposito Law Firm This means if you are involved in an accident or any other situation where a lawyer may be needed, it is important to take as many notes as possible. Write down numbers, take pictures, and get statements from witnesses. Do everything you can to give your lawyer a better chance of helping you win your case. 

If you or someone you love need legal representation, contact Esposito Law Firm as soon as you can. With years of experience and a friendly, professional team of attorneys, we can help you navigate the legal system successfully.