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What To Do When You Get Pulled Over

The police are widely considered a necessary part of American society, and while they are supposed to be there to protect you, many still get nervous when interacting with police. In America today, there is a lot of confusion surrounding how people should interact with law enforcement. Here at Esposito Law Firm, we care about our community and want you to have the knowledge you need to navigate the legal system. 

A big factor that anyone that has been pulled over needs to remember is that most police officers are just as nervous to be around you. Police know how the public sees them, and they know that they are disliked or distrusted by many. The biggest thing you can do when interacting with police is to act in a way that shows them you are not a threat. Even if you have broken the law, letting police know through your body language that you aren’t a threat will help you both be at ease. 

Remember to follow all traffic laws when pulling over, and to pull over as safely and carefully as you can. Make sure you use your turn signal. Any laws you break in the action of pulling over could stick you with additional tickets. Pulling over safely and calmly is a great first step to show the police you intend to cooperate.

The officer will usually be running your plate and making sure your car isn’t stolen before they approach you. Use this time to get your license and registration ready. Police officers almost always ask for these things, so having them ready will send yet another signal of compliance. Also make sure to turn down your music, and put out any cigarettes. All these steps can go a long way to help put you and the police officer at ease. 

Also make sure to be respectful and polite. Saying things like “Yes sir,” “Yes ma’am,” or “Yes office,”r can let the officer know you aren’t a threat. The more cooperative you are, the more cooperative the police will be. Remember this the next time you’re pulled over.   

If you follow these steps, you should have a relatively stress-free interaction with the police. However, if you are involved with the police and need representation, be sure to call Esposito Law Firm as soon as possible. Our team of attorneys will go the extra mile to ensure that your rights are respected.