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 Have you been in a car accident in the Carrollwood area? You need qualified representation ASAP.

Car accidents in the Carrollwood community have become more prevalent in the last few years, significantly increasing your need for qualified legal counsel just in case something ever comes up on the road. Top-tier Florida car accident attorney Brian J Esposito and his team at Esposito Law are here and provide consultations free of cost if you are looking to hire a firm with the experience and know-how to represent you. Hire a local car accident lawyer in Carrollwood. As Carrollwood residents, you don’t want to be left defenseless if you were to be involved in a car accident.

You may think that your insurance has your best interest at heart, but so often, this is simply just not the case. Too often the insurance agencies YOU pay, are only out to better themselves while paying out as little as possible to fix the damages both to yourself and to your car. This problem can often be avoided with an attorney who knows how to hold an insurance agency accountable.

What does that look like?

Mr. Esposito and the team at Esposito Law know what sneaky tactics these companies use to maximize their profits in the industry. This is why you need to car accident lawyer in Carrollwood. Knowing this gives us an inside track in fighting them and getting proper reparations for you. Oftentimes, insurance companies will try to convince you that the scope of the damage is much less than what it really is. We understand the FULL scope of what kind of damage can be caused by an accident and know how to get these insurance companies to pay you what you are owed.

What do car accidents in the Carrollwood area look like?

1. Driving under the influence

As much as we would like to believe that our communities are filled with saints, there will be the occasional drunk driver out to soil the roads for everyone else just trying to make their commute. These accidents often happen at night and are fatal at stunningly high percentages. Oftentimes, these cases end up in both criminal and civil proceedings. This makes it hard to get your justice, as these cases can drag out for years. We here at Esposito Law understand what this process looks like and we know how to expedite it where possible. Hire a car accident lawyer in Carrollwood.

2. T-Bone collisions

These types of accidents are likely to happen when a vehicle runs a stop sign or red light. The term “t-bone” comes from the shape the cars make when one impacts the other on its side, forming a T. Sometimes, these accidents can be the result of bad road design and planning, in which case, you have a case against the city and should contact your lawyer.

3. Motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles are significantly more likely to be involved in an accident on the roads. When this unfortunate event arises, you should be prepared with legal representation. Being that you are so unprotected when riding on a motorcycle, the odds you are impacted and severely injured go up. You are going to want representation who knows how to get you reimbursed for any medical costs incurred after an accident on a motorcycle.

Practice Areas

Here’s what to do if you are involved in a car accident in Carrollwood…

  1. Deal with all of the on-scene details (emergency services, police, etc.)
  1. Make sure to document everything about the accident as soon as it is safe with your mobile phone; this helps paint a clearer picture for your attorney.
  1. Contact your attorney and schedule a consultation. This ensures that you are aware of all potential legal ramifications of the accident you were just involved in.
  1. If your attorney decides to move forward with the case, be sure to document all of your medical expenses, both physical and mental, this helps when it comes to discussing a settlement agreement. In this scenario, where your side can clearly lay out all expenses incurred, you are more likely to have your needs met financially by the settlement.

Fair financial compensation is the best possible outcome for a car accident case. You should trust your attorney and stay updated on your legal proceedings.

If you are looking for a qualified car accident lawyer in Carrollwood to get you financial compensation for a recent car accident, consider scheduling a consultation with the team here at Esposito Law. Mr. Espposito looks forward to representing you should the time ever come. Signing on with Esposito Law means you have been put in the best hands to deal with car accident law in the Carrollwood area. Contact Esposito Law Firm today for a free consultation.