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Everyone wants to avoid car accidents. That’s no surprise. After all, an accident is expensive, it’s draining, and it can even come with injuries or civil and even criminal charges. Dealing with the aftermath of an accident, especially if you were doing everything right as a driver, is incredibly taxing. 

There is a little good news though, even after an accident. 

You don’t have to do it alone. 

Car accident attorneys are here to help you get through the recovery after an accident and to represent your interests with insurance, court systems, and even other people involved in the accident. 

You want to have someone in your corner after getting into a car accident. That’s why you deserve to have a car accident attorney in Port Orange who can help you get through the whole process and protect you and your interests at the same time. 

What To Expect After Contacting A Car Accident Attorney In Port Orange?

It’s common for people to be nervous about contacting a car accident attorney. Most folks want to get back to their regular lives as quickly and painlessly as possible after getting in an accident, and it can feel like you’re signing up for a long process if you contact a car accident attorney, especially if you don’t know what to expect. 

The good news is that your car accident attorney wants you to be able to get back to your life as soon as possible too. 

The best car accident attorneys understand that being in a car accident isn’t fun for anyone, and know that they’re there to be your legal counsel and get you through the process. That means that speed is their priority too. 

After all, the faster they can get you to a good resolution the better it will feel, for everyone involved. 

So, here’s what you need to know about contacting a car accident attorney in Port Orange or wherever you need one. 


Most car accident attorneys will need to know at least a little about your case before they can decide if they’re a good match for your needs, or even if a car accident attorney is necessary in your case. 

Sometimes, after a car accident, your insurance company is already offering the best possible outcome, and bringing in a car accident attorney isn’t going to help much, and they’ll usually be willing to tell you that upfront. 

But, when you need a car accident attorney they don’t just want to take your case blindly. They want to make sure they know what you need and that they’re going to be a good attorney to argue your case. 

You should also be looking for a good personality match when you hire an attorney, and consultation is an important way for attorneys and clients to get a feel for one another. 

Lastly, your attorney needs the details of your case to make sure it falls under one of their areas of practice. Most of the time this isn’t a problem, but in some cases, you may need representation from a different kind of attorney. 

Your consultation will go over the details, make sure you’re both a good fit working together and that you have the same goals for the case, and lastly that you’re familiar with how your attorney will get paid and that you’re comfortable with that. 

Gathering Details

Once you and your attorney have decided to work together there’s usually a period where your attorney is collecting information from you, from witnesses, and from their experts who can consult on the case and give them more detailed information about the crash, the cost of your medical care, and the ongoing effects of any injuries or trauma you might be dealing with after the accident. 

All of this information is used to build your case, either to take to insurance to negotiate for a better settlement, or to bring it to court to best represent you. 

Negotiation and Court

The last phase of most car accident cases is either negotiating with insurance or going into the court system and negotiating there. Most accidents don’t actually go to court, but you’ll need a car accident attorney who is familiar with the process just in case. 

Don’t worry too much about this part. Since most accidents don’t ever go to court it’s not something most people will experience. 

Just in case you do wind up with an extended negotiation or in front of the court system, you should know one thing though: your car accident attorney is here to help you. They’ll be there to answer your questions, explain what the process is going to look like, and even to explain the specific arguments and facts they’ll use to make your case. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, or express concerns when it comes to your car accident case. Your car accident attorney should be willing to go over all the details so you know exactly what’s coming and why. 

Common Types Of Car Accident In Port Orange

Now that we’ve talked a little about working with a car accident attorney and what to expect, let’s talk about car accidents themselves. 

This is important because one of the best ways to avoid being in an accident is know what kinds of accidents tend to happen in your area so that you can avoid them. 

After all, no one wants to be in an accident, so if we can help you avoid that we’re happy to do so. 

Remember, this is a shortlist of some common types of accidents that happen in the Port Orange area. It’s not exhaustive, and it’s not meant to say that only these accidents happen in this area. 

No matter what, the best prevention for any kind of accident is always being vigilant, only driving when you’re comfortable, and following all the rules of the road. That includes avoiding distractions, keeping your vehicle in good working condition, and not driving when you might not be in the best condition to do so. 

With that said, let’s take a close look at the kinds of accidents that happen in Port Orange. 

Speeding And Tailgating Accidents

Speeding and tailgating are two of the driving behaviors that contribute to a wide range of different types of accidents and also increase your likelihood of being in an accident in the first place. 

After all, the faster you’re going the less time you have to adjust to changes in driving conditions. The closer you are to other vehicles on the road, the less reaction time you’ll have if they have to stop, turn, or change speeds. 

Despite the risks involved with speeding and tailgating as a driver, both of these driving behaviors are incredibly common, and that means that both of these behaviors are at least partially to blame for a wide variety of accidents. 

The best way to avoid having speeding or tailgating involved accidents is to avoid these behaviors on the road. Follow posted speed limits, and make sure you’re always giving the vehicle in front of you a reasonable amount of space. 

The 2-second rule is a good rule of thumb for driving (keep the vehicle in front of you at least 2 seconds in front at all times), but you should also remember that there’s a certain amount of flex in how much space you should give a vehicle based on its size, speed, and current driving conditions. 

The longer it would take you to come to a complete stop, the further back you should be. 

Not Obeying Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are one of the most basic tools we use to help control the flow of traffic and keep motorists safe. 

There’s just one problem, it’s easy to miss or ignore traffic signs, especially if you’re distracted or in a hurry. 

That’s why accidents are so common at stop signs, red lights, and even around sharp turns. Motorists either don’t see the traffic sign in time to react or don’t take it seriously enough to react in time. 

No matter why you ignore a traffic sign, it can be dangerous to you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road as well. 

With that in mind, the best way to avoid accidents from not obeying traffic signs is to make sure you’ve got your eyes on the road and you’re always looking for traffic signs. 

Some distractions are common while you’re driving, and that’s unavoidable. But you should try to keep distractions to a minimum so that you’re less likely to miss traffic signs on the road. 

If you do realize you’ve missed a traffic sign, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out and see if the information is repeated a little later on. Many traffic signs, especially the most important ones on high-speed roadways, are posted more than once so that motorists have a better chance to see them and respond. 

Driving Under The Influence

Even little kids usually know that driving under the influence is a good way to wind up in a traffic accident. That’s important because DUIs are serious, and often lead to worse accidents, even when an accident would have happened even if everyone was sober. 

DUIs also make it harder for drivers to understand the risk or adjust to the situation well, which means that you’re more likely to engage in risky driving behaviors if you’re under the influence of drugs and alcohol as a driver. 

No matter how you look at it, being inebriated and driving is a bad combination. 

But one thing a lot of drivers miss is that there are a lot of different ways to be under the influence as a driver. Certain prescription medications may also make it unsafe to drive, not just drugs or alcohol. 

Worse, not eating or drinking enough before taking medication may make it unsafe to drive, even if you would normally be fine using that medication and driving. 

You can’t count on every substance to act the same every time, so it’s important to realize when you’re safe to drive and when you’re not and to avoid getting on the road if there’s any question of safety. 

Traffic Flow Accidents

Port Orange might not be Florida’s biggest city, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get its fair share of traffic. And, when traffic happens, so do accidents. 

There are two basic kinds of traffic flow accidents as drivers understand them. One is when there is heavy traffic and accidents are more likely because people have less time to respond and because there are more people on the road. Impatience is a big factor in this kind of traffic flow accident. 

The other kind of traffic flow accident you need to understand is when something about the infrastructure itself makes accidents more likely. For instance, bad timing on a traffic light might make accidents more common at particular intersections, or the shape of the intersection itself might make accidents more likely. 

Usually, when it’s possible to fix an infrastructure issue to make accidents less likely those changes are made quickly, but in some cases, it may not be possible to lower the risk entirely. 

That means it’s a good idea for drivers to know which intersections and parts of the city are more likely to have accidents and to practice extra care while driving in those areas. 

Cell Phone Use Accidents

Cell phone use is an increasing problem for traffic everywhere, not just in Port Orange, but it’s an important problem here too. 

Cell phone use while driving is basically never completely safe. Even hands-free calling can increase your risk of being in an accident or engaging in unsafe driving behaviors. 

So, while it might be tempting to quickly check your phone while you’re on the road, the best option is to avoid it as much as possible. 

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are one of the most common forms of accidents anywhere, including in Port Orange. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be serious, or that you won’t need a car accident attorney to help recover after you’ve been involved in a rear-end collision. 

There are a lot of causes of rear-end collisions, so there’s no one behavior that will help keep you safe. Instead, it’s important to practice defensive driving, pay attention to road conditions, and always make sure you have enough stopping space between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. 

Trust Esposito Law Firm To Get It Right

No matter what kind of accident you’ve been in, Esposito Law can help. Even if we haven’t included your specific accident type on this list, or if you were involved in a dreaded hit and run accident, there may be options and ways we can help you through the recovery process. 

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up a consultation on your case. 

Next Steps After An Accident In Port Orange

Here are a few quick tips that will make recovery after an accident a lot easier. Taking these precautions after an accident will help you be prepared no matter what happens next, which is the best thing you can do when you’re dealing with an accident. 

  1. Contact A Car Accident Attorney

The sooner you contact a car accident attorney the sooner we can get started working on your case. That means more time to prepare, more time to answer your questions, and a better chance of getting your best possible outcome with insurance or in the court system. 

  1. Request Police Records For Your Accident

Having all of the details of your accident is important to protect you and make sure your attorney has a full understanding of the case. 

You can request the official police report of your accident, as well as any witness accounts, traffic cam data, or other details they have. 

Giving this information to your attorney will help make sure they’re fully prepared to argue your case. 

  1. Keep Detailed Records Of Your Expenses

Most people know that the cost to repair damages to your vehicle can often be included in your car accident case, but medical records, lost wages, and other costs can often also be added. 

If you keep a detailed record of your expenses after a car accident, and especially if you note any expenses you wouldn’t have had without the accident, you’re more likely to get a better settlement. 

What To Expect From Esposito Law Firm

Thinking about working with Esposito Law on your car accident case? There are a few things you should expect, and that we strive to give each and every one of our clients: 

  1. Expertise built over years of experience.
  2. Knowledge of the local community and the resources available.
  3. A track record of excellence and successful outcomes.

If that sounds like the kind of car accident attorney you want to work with in Port Orange, contact us. We’re happy to see how we can help, and how we can help you get back to normal life faster.