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If you’re a driver, there’s a risk that you’ll be in an accident. In fact, even if all you do is ride in vehicles occasionally, there’s a chance that you will be involved in an accident. Even just walking down a street where people are driving can put you at risk. 

Thankfully, the chances of actually being in an accident are relatively small from day to day. Most people will experience an accident at some point in their lives, but your odds of being in an accident at any point are still relatively low. 

That’s fantastic! After all, car accidents aren’t something anyone really wants to experience. 

But, that also means that most people don’t know what to do after an accident. A lot of people wind up just winging it, working their way through the different problems that come up when you’re in an accident as they occur, without much guidance for what to do next. 

That’s one reason you deserve to work with a car accident attorney. 

Car accident attorneys know what the process looks like, what you can expect, and how your accident case is likely to progress. 

Better yet, working with a car accident attorney will help give you peace of mind that you’re making the right choice every step of the way, and that you’ll be able to get a settlement that makes sense for your expenses and the pain and suffering you experienced as a result of your accident. 

What To Expect After Contacting A Car Accident Attorney In Ponce Inlet?

A lot of people have never worked directly with an attorney before, which can make contacting a car accident attorney a big step. The problem is that that intimidation can get in the way of you getting the best possible professional help. 

The truth is that reaching out to a car accident attorney shouldn’t be a big deal. Your attorney works for you, and with your best interests at heart, to make sure you get the best possible outcome from your car accident case. 

That means that, yes, in some cases your car accident attorney might tell you that you’re already getting a good offer from insurance. That way you don’t spend more time and energy than you have trying to get a settlement that won’t be much better than the one you started with. 

But in other cases, your car accident attorney will be able to help you get a significantly better settlement, or even work with insurance to make sure more of your expenses are covered, and that your pain and suffering is considered in the cost of the accident. 

Ultimately, it’s your decision whether you want to work with a car accident attorney or to try and tackle your car accident on your own. But you deserve the peace of mind working with an attorney can bring, as well as the experience and attention to detail your attorney brings to the table. 

Here’s a little about what working with a car accident attorney looks like. 

Consultation With Your Ponce Inlet Car Accident Attorney

The first step in working with a car accident attorney is almost always the consultation. This is where you’ll go over the details of your case, including what happened, how many people were involved, what has already happened with insurance, and any other details that are relevant to your case. 

If you were injured in the accident or had to seek medical treatment even for minor problems, you’ll also talk about that, and who paid those bills. 

Going over the fine details of your accident is important for your car accident attorney to get a good sense of what your case looks like, where everything currently stands, and what you can potentially get out of pursuing a car accident case either with insurance or in the court system. 

You’ll also talk about goals, why you want to pursue a case and some realistic expectations for how things will go if you decide to work together. 

Additionally, this is a good opportunity to get a feel for the attorney you’re considering, how they operate, and to ask any questions you might have about their process. You’ll also talk about your attorney’s rates, and how they will get paid for representing you. 

Only if you both agree that there is a good case and that you think working together would be productive, will you move forward. 

Fact-Finding And Case Building

The next step after you bring your case to a Ponce Inlet car accident attorney is researching and building the specific arguments your attorney is going to use when they argue your case. This phase is important because it’s where your attorney will figure out all the details and start planning different tactics to help you get the best possible outcome. 

Depending on the situation this phase might be pretty quick or take a long time to get everything sorted out and start working on the next steps. 

Usually, with car accidents, this can happen relatively quickly because you’re only looking at one incident, and because you need to move quickly to work with insurance companies and to stay ahead of changes in the situation. 

If other people involved in the accident have also chosen to work with car accident attorneys your attorney may also work with them. Depending on the accident they might be finding out details of the other person’s case or finding out if other people in the accident might be able to negotiate or sue together to make a more powerful argument. 

Negotiation And Court 

This is the last step, and usually, the part that most people worry about. The good news is that the vast majority of car accident cases never actually go to court, and many of the ones that do go to court are resolved early in the process. 

So don’t worry, even if your attorney does recommend going to court that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to find yourself in the middle of a courtroom drama. A lot of the process actually happens behind closed doors and shouldn’t be too difficult for you. 

Most of the time though, your car accident attorney won’t need to take things that far. They’ll negotiate with the insurance companies involved and a lot of cases will be resolved there. Insurance companies and most people don’t really want to go to court. 

There are some exceptions though, like semi-trucking companies, where going to court is a little more likely. So, it’s a good idea to be prepared for this outcome just in case. 

Common Types Of Car Accident In Ponce Inlet

Even though we help clients through the aftermath of car accidents, the truth is that no one wants to go through an accident and we don’t want you to have to go through one either. 

Knowing what kinds of accidents are common in your area is one of the best ways to help avoid being in those accidents yourself, which is why we put together this list of accident types that happen in Ponce Inlet and surrounding areas. 

This isn’t an exhaustive list of course, but we’ll include a description of the accident type and what you can do to help minimize the chances that you’ll be involved in one of these accidents. 

Let’s take a closer look. 

Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end accidents are one of the most common types of accidents that happen in the United States. This type of accident happens on almost all road types and can happen in a wide range of conditions for a lot of different reasons. 

Rear-end accidents are largely self-explanatory. This is any accident where one vehicle hits the back or rear of another vehicle. Most of the time these happen in conditions where the damages are more minor, and good vehicle design makes it so that people aren’t as likely to be injured in minor rear-end accidents. 

That doesn’t mean that these accidents aren’t serious, or that they can’t cause bigger problems though. 

For instance, rear-ending a vehicle with enough force can force it into a different vehicle. That can lead to a pileup, especially if the accident happens when everyone is moving since the vehicles are more likely to keep moving and involve additional vehicles in the accident. 

There are a lot of ways to avoid rear-end accidents, from following speed limits and avoiding tailgating, to giving the vehicle in front of you more space in bad driving conditions. 

One of the most important ways to help prevent rear-end accidents, though, is to make sure your vehicle is in good working condition. Getting your brakes checked, making sure there isn’t anything wrong with your tires, and other precautions make it less likely that your vehicle will fail and cause an accident on the road. 

It’s also important to keep an eye out for manufacturer recalls, since problems with the engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, wheels or even tires can all cause vehicle failure and lead to rear-end accidents and other kinds of accidents. 

Driving Under The Influence

Driving under the influence is still a big problem in most places. While most people know that you shouldn’t drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, plenty of people still drive when they shouldn’t. 

Sadly, that means that there are still plenty of DUI-related accidents in Ponce Inlet and the rest of the country. These accidents often involved other vehicles, but they can also be single-car accidents or accidents involving pedestrians and even buildings. 

Driving under the influence causes a lot of problems that make accidents more likely, like slower reaction times and willingness to engage in riskier behavior than you would if you were sober. 

The best way to avoid being involved in a DUI accident is not to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, including prescription medications, that alter your perceptions in a way that makes it difficult to drive safely. 

You should also keep an eye out on the road for people who are driving erratically and be sure to give them some extra space. If you can, consider calling the local hotline for DUIs and reporting any vehicle that’s moving like the driver might be under the influence. 

Cross Traffic Accidents

A lot of people already know that turning across traffic is one of the more dangerous times to be on the road. While left-hand turns are important for navigation, there is slightly more risk in a left-hand turn than driving straight or even turning right. 

This is because the cross traffic, traffic going the other direction, is more likely to hit you than vehicles going the same direction. 

Cross-traffic accidents are usually preventable but require drivers to keep a close eye on the road, especially near intersections, and obey traffic lights and signs. Awareness, and not speeding through intersections or trying to make a tight turn too quickly, will help you avoid being involved in this kind of accident. 

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are still relatively common everywhere, which is a big problem since motorcycle accidents tend to be a lot more serious and can result in much more serious injuries for motorcycle riders in general. 

These accidents often happen either because of aggressive driving from motorcyclists, or from other drivers not knowing how to safely drive around a motorcycle on the road. 

For instance, it’s important to give motorcycles slightly more space than you would give other vehicles. Even though motorcycles are smaller, they can also stop and accelerate much faster than you can. This means that larger vehicles need more stopping distance between them and a motorcycle to make up for the shorter space the motorcycle will travel while braking. 

Avoiding accidents with motorcycles is a combination of different skills, like giving them more space, watching for motorcycles on the road, and checking your blind spots before changing lanes, but it’s well worth the extra effort. 

Motorcyclists can also help by wearing all recommended protective clothing while riding their motorcycle, using reflective paint or tape to make themselves and their motorcycles more visible, and by using defensive driving techniques to minimize their own risk on the road. 

Hit And Run Accidents

Hit and run accidents can be some of the hardest to go through. After all, unless the person who cause the accident can be tracked down, it can be that much harder to recover. Worse, depending on the kind of insurance you carry there might not be as many options when you are involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, but the person who caused the accident isn’t there. 

While hit and run accidents are complicated, and there usually aren’t many things you could have done to prevent them, getting a dash cam facing both front and back at least makes it more likely you’ll be able to find the person or people responsible for your hit and run. 

And of course, contact a qualified car accident attorney as soon as possible to help represent your case. 

Trust Esposito Law Firm To Get It Right

No matter what kind of accident you’re dealing with, or how complicated it might seem at first, Esposito Law can help. We’ve got the experience and expertise you need to get back on your feet and back to normal life after an accident. 

Don’t wait for your accident to escalate, contact us right away so we can get to work on your case as soon as possible. 

Next Steps After An Accident In Ponce Inlet

If you’re ever involved in an accident in Ponce Inlet, there are a few steps you can take to help protect yourself and make sure you get the best possible outcome from your recovery. 

These steps are designed to help after you’ve already sought medical care and gotten somewhere safe. 

  1. Contact A Car Accident Attorney

One of the first things you should do after getting somewhere safe after an accident is to get in touch with a car accident attorney. That way you can schedule your consultation as quickly as possible, and they’ll be able to get a head start on your case and how they’ll negotiate on your behalf. 

  1. Get Official Records From Your Accident

Police records contain a lot of information about your accident and the situation surrounding it, so it’s a good idea to request them as soon as you can. You can also include witness reports (when there are witnesses), and requests for traffic cam data in your request. 

The sooner you do this the better. For one thing, it helps make sure there is a paper trail surrounding your accident, and for another, your cat accident attorney can use those documents and records to help build your case. 

  1. Start Tracking Your Expenses

Getting into a car accident is expensive, but a lot of people don’t realize how much of their post-accident expenses can be included in their case or used in negotiations with insurance companies. 

Keeping a detailed accounting of your expenses will give your lawyer more tools to use when it comes to getting a better settlement. 

Contact Esposito Law 

Even if you aren’t sure whether you have a car accident case or if your insurance has already given you a good settlement, contact Esposito Law. We will be able to answer your questions, go over the details of your case, and help you decide what you want to do next.