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Car accidents happen. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make them any easier to deal with in practice. When you’re in the middle of dealing with a car accident and the aftermath, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and uncertain. After all, you’re dealing with a lot of unexpected complications happening all at once, plus any medical changes as a result of your accident.

You shouldn’t have to deal with your car accident alone.

You deserve support, advice, and someone who can help coach you through the whole process and ensure the best outcome after an accident, especially when your accident is complicated or involves the legal system.

You deserve to work with a qualified and experienced car accident attorney who can represent your case and help you navigate insurance and court systems successfully.

The sooner you get a car accident attorney involved, the more they’ll be able to do to help.

Here’s what you need to know about car accidents in Ormand Beach, how car accident attorneys can help, and what you can do to stay prepared after an accident.

What To Expect After Contacting A Car Accident Attorney In Ormand Beach?

Getting a car accident attorney in Ormand Beach can feel like a big step, especially if you aren’t sure you’re going to need someone to help with your accident.

Don’t worry too much though, your car accident attorney is there to help in case it’s needed, not as a guarantee that you’re going to need legal representation after an accident.

There are a few things you should expect if you’re considering getting a car accident attorney. First is that your attorney will want to consult with you on the details of the case before deciding how to move forward with you. It may be that your case is more complicated than it seems on the surface, or that your attorney doesn’t think they can help because you’re already getting a good deal from insurance.
Once you’ve gone through the consultation and your attorney has a chance to evaluate your case and goals, they’ll need some additional documentation from you about the accident and the aftermath. Detail is good here, and the sooner you can provide this information the sooner your attorney can get to work on your case.

Your attorney isn’t just there for court appearances though. Once they’ve started working on your case they can help answer questions, deal with the legal complexities of the situation, and even help with insurance as your legal representative.

That means there are a lot of different ways your car accident attorney can help and can make the whole situation a lot easier to handle.

So why cheat yourself out of the help you deserve? Contact Esposito Law if you’re looking for a qualified car accident attorney in Ormand Beach. We’re happy to help.

Common Types Of Car Accident In Ormand Beach
Knowing how to deal with a car accident is important, but it’s also important to know how to avoid a car accident when you can. Most people will be in an accident at some point, but that doesn’t mean you can’t minimize them.

Here are some of the most common types of accidents in Ormand Beach, and some of how you can avoid them when you’re driving.

Distracted Driving
Distracted driving is one of the most common reasons for accidents all across the country. There are a lot of reasons drivers are getting more and more distracted, but cells phones, in-car entertainment systems, along with all the distractions on the road or in the car.

Even talking hands-free on your phone can distract you from what’s happening on the road, which leaves you at greater risk of an accident.

Of course, some distractions are unavoidable, like flashing lights or loud sounds on the road. Your goal shouldn’t be to avoid all distractions, it should be to avoid unnecessary distractions so that you can concentrate on your driving as much as possible.

Speeding And Tailgating
Speeding and tailgating are two of the more common unsafe driving behaviors, but they can also be relatively dangerous and cause a lot of accidents. Worse, both speeding and tailgating can make accidents worse when they happen.

Speeding is just going over the posted speed limit and the speed that the road you’re on was designed for.

Tailgating is when you’re driving too close to the vehicle in front of you. The safe distance between you and the vehicle in front varies depending on conditions and the size of the vehicle.

Both of these behaviors make it more likely that you’ll be involved in a collision and can increase the severity of the collision depending on conditions.

The best way to avoid this kind of accident is to make sure you’re obeying posted speed limits, paying attention to the conditions, and avoid tailgating, especially when you’re following larger vehicles or motorcycles on the road.

Not Obeying Traffic Signs
This kind of accident often results from distracted driving, but there are plenty of other reasons drivers might miss or ignore traffic signs and lights.

However, it’s important to make sure you always follow the traffic signs, especially traffic lights to help avoid accidents.

Traffic signs that can be altered, like digital signs, are just as important as traffic lights because they can give you condition and situation-specific updates, like weather concerns or upcoming accidents. These are important because they can help you prepare for the specific conditions you’re going to be driving in.

Running red lights and stop signs are two of the most common ways accidents happen, but not seeing speed limit changes for a turn and other signs can also be a big leading cause.

Street signs are there to keep you safe, so it’s important as a driver to make sure you’re paying attention to the road and keeping an eye out for traffic signs that let you know what’s going on on the road.

Following other drivers in traffic can help stay safe on the road, but it’s no substitute for keeping your eye out for traffic signs.

Driving Under The Influence
Most people already know that you shouldn’t drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

However, DUIs are still a common cause of accidents, and many people don’t realize that there is a long list of prescription drugs that can also impair your ability to drive and lead to a DUI accident.

It’s important, no matter what substance you’re taking, to make sure you know how it affects you before you decide whether you’re safe to drive, and to make sure you don’t drive while taking any substance that’s known to affect your reflexes, judgment, or ability to drive safely.

As a driver, you should also remember that how a drug or substance affected you once isn’t a guarantee that it will affect you the same way next time. You should always pay attention to how substances are affecting you in the moment, and if you’re at all concerned that you might not be safe to drive you shouldn’t risk it.

Call for a ride or hire a taxi if you’re not sure. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Left Turn Accidents
Left turns, especially across large roads, are some of the more dangerous turns you can make. So it makes sense that there are more left-turn accidents than accidents in other common driving situations.

Worse, since left-turn accidents are usually side-on collisions, they can be more severe for both the vehicles involved and the people in those vehicles because most vehicles aren’t designed to handle side-on collisions as well as head-on collisions.

The best way to avoid these accidents is to always make sure you have plenty of clearance before making a left turn and to give yourself additional time to turn in adverse conditions.

Motorcycle Accidents
Motorcycle accidents are another common cause of severe accidents all across the country for a lot of different reasons.

Motorcycles are harder to see on the road, and can also accelerate and decelerate a lot faster than other kinds of vehicles thanks to their lower weight.

That means that drivers need to pay special attention when they’re on the road with motorcyclists, including giving them more space and keeping an eye out for them in blind spots and when making a turn.

Motorcyclists should also take extra precautions to help keep themselves safer on the road, including using all required or recommended protective gear and consider adding reflective paint or tape to help make motorcycles more visible on the road.

Trust Esposito Law Firm To Get It Right
These are just a few of the different kinds of accidents that are relatively common in Ormand Beach and Florida, but there are plenty of other kinds of accidents out there.

Don’t worry if you don’t see your accident type on the list, Esposito Law can still help.
We have extensive experience representing car accident clients like you and are familiar with just about any kind of car accident situation you could have. That’s important because it means we’re already familiar with local laws and how we can help.

Don’t wait for the last minute, or when you realize you need a lawyer to help represent you well. Contact us right away so we can get to work on your case and help you win the best possible outcome after your accident.

Next Steps After An Accident In Ormand Beach
Getting into a car accident is always hard, but there are a few steps you can take to make it easier on yourself and anyone in the vehicle with you.

These are all designed for after you get medical attention and are somewhere safe and ready for the next steps. Your physical and mental wellbeing should always be your priority, and it’s important to get qualified medical care after an accident and make sure you’re somewhere safe and able to recover before you start planning the next steps for your case.

But, once you’re ready to start those next steps, here’s what you should do:
Contact A Car Accident Attorney

The first step is to contact a car accident attorney because the sooner you can get in to be seen by an attorney the sooner they’ll be able to start working for you and representing your interests with insurance, or in negotiations.

This is important because time is always important in car accident cases. Lost time is a lost opportunity. Even if you ultimately don’t need the help of your car accident attorney, it helps to have someone on your side who can help guide you through the process and evaluate insurance actions and how things are going.

Request Police Records For Your Accident
Getting police records of your accident can be important for both your car accident attorney and your insurance company. The sooner you request this information the better prepared you are in case your car accident gets more complicated or in case insurance or the other party dispute any part of your case or don’t want to pay for part of the damages after the accident.

The more records and the more detailed they are, the better. This is why you should request information from any nearby traffic cams, the official police report, as well as any witness reports that were filed with the police department.

While you might not need all that data, having it can only make your case stronger.

Keep Detailed Records Of Your Expenses
Keeping detailed records after your accident will make it easier for you to explain your expenses, or to argue for a better settlement if your initial offer is too low. That’s important because it can be hard to tell what kinds of expenses potentially count toward your settlement and what doesn’t.

If you have a detailed record your attorney can help you decide which expenses should be included in your case, and which don’t. Plus, your expenses can also be used as additional evidence for other parts of your case, including the impact the accident had on you, and any long-term effects it might have had.

What To Expect From Esposito Law Firm
If you’re looking for a new car accident attorney, or have never worked with a car accident attorney before, it’s important to know what to expect. After all, ideally you should be looking for an attorney you’re comfortable working with in the future as well, or for other kinds of cases.

One of the biggest things we want to bring to our practice at Esposito Law is compassion and understanding of our clients as whole individuals, not just a case or a car accident.

Your situation matters and working to get the best possible outcome for you as a person is our primary goal.

Here’s why you should think about working with Esposito Law as your Ormand Beach Car Accident Attorney.

Years Of Experience
At Esposito Law, we’ve got years and years of experience representing clients in a car accidents and personal injury cases, which means that we know the ins and outs of different kinds of cases. We also have the experience to know how different arguments work in court, and to understand the best way to negotiate with different insurance companies.

All of that experience is at the tip of your fingers when you work with us, and we’ll use that experience to help work with you to meet your goals and get the best possible outcomes.

Knowledge Of The Local Community
Attorneys don’t work in a vacuum. When it comes to car accident cases we might need to consult with medical experts, car crash and vehicle damage experts, and more to get a better understanding of your case specifics and your situation.

We also understand local culture and what kinds of accidents are most serious in this area.

All of that is important for getting the best outcome for your case. Our contacts, understanding of the area, and how we work with the community are all in service of you and your needs when you’re one of our clients.

A Track Record Of Excellence
When you sign on to work with a car accident attorney you want to know that you’re getting an experienced person who knows how to put your needs first and focus on your goals. You also want to know that you’re working with an attorney who can represent you well in court and with insurance companies so that you have the best possible chance.

At Esposito Law, we know that it’s not just our professional credentials that matter, it’s also our track record of excellence and the past cases we’ve won that prove we can take on your situation as well.

Don’t just take our word for it, you can look at our record of excellence and previous case victories to see that we’re willing to fight for all our clients, including you.

Have you or a loved one been in a car accident recently? Don’t wait. Contact Esposito Law and see if we’re the right car accident attorney in Ormand Beach for you.