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It isn’t easy being in a car accident. Even if you manage to make it out unscathed, you will be stuck with payments to insurance and to repair damages for months after the accident is over. If you do get injured, or someone else does, you may be stuck with medical bills and also unable to work while you heal. 

During this time, you don’t need to deal with any additional stresses. Having someone to help you handle legal and financial after-effects from an accident can make a huge difference. 

When you get into an accident it is imperative to get help right away. If you wait, you risk getting overwhelmed by the payments you have to make. Contacting a New Smyrna Beach car accident attorney is key for the best experience possible after your accident. Getting a good attorney right away is the most helpful thing you can do. They can get you a qualified attorney’s experience to help with all the legal hoops you face after an accident.   

It may be worth having an idea of a few law firms you’d like to contact first, in case of an accident as well. This way, you aren’t scrambling to find someone as the bills are piling up and money is running low. Knowing where to go and who you can trust can easily reduce stress. Just like you are prepared with health insurance and emergency funds, you should also be prepared by having a few ideas of attorneys that could help you in emergencies like a car accident in New Smyrna Beach. 

What To Expect After Contacting A Car Accident Attorney In New Smyrna Beach?

When you get into an accident, your first thought might not be to get a car accident attorney. There are insurance companies, hospitals, and family members to worry about. However, having an attorney for car accidents will make sure you have the help you need to get the insurance settlements you deserve as well as help you defend yourself in court when needed. 

How exactly does a qualified attorney help you after an accident in New Smyrna Beach?

A qualified attorney is experienced in many different accident cases and they know the law in this field. At Esposito Law Firm, we can help you using our knowledge of the law. A good car accident attorney will help you to get more of your payments covered by the other party in court in New Smyrna Beach. 

We know how stressful these kinds of experiences can be, with all the legal, medical, and insurance problems you have to face. Having an experienced car accident attorney can help you stay focused and know what steps to take to make your life easier and get the money you need. 

Common Types Of Car Accidents In New Smyrna Beach

There are many different types of accidents that happen on the road. While no one ever hopes to be in an accident, it is important to know the most common accidents that occur in New Smyrna Beach and how to avoid these accidents. By knowing what to expect, you can reduce the chance of ever being in such an accident. 

Motorcycle-Related Accidents

Motorcyclists face some of the most dangerous situations on the road. Whether it is due to aggressive driving, inattentive motorists, or bad weather, they face many issues with minimal protection. 

These cases are often a lot more serious due to this lack of protection. Even if they wear helmets and the proper clothing, they face much more extreme risks of injuries. Just because they have less protection doesn’t mean they are more deserving of injury. 

If you have been in an accident with a motorcyclist, it is imperative you contact a New Smyrna Beach car accident attorney as soon as you can. 

Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi-truck drivers spend a lot of their time on the road, driving unwieldy and heavy vehicles. It is not an easy job, which is why there are so many accidents involving large semi-trucks. 

When getting into an accident with a semi, you face high chances of severe injuries due to the weight of the vehicles. Since these semis are often part of a company, they are very likely to take the other driver to court. 

This is why it is important if you are in New Smyrna Beach to find an attorney experienced in car accidents as soon as you can after the accident. This allows you to present the best case you can in court. 

Metro-Related Accidents

While New Smyrna Beach may not be the largest city in Florida, it is still a city with a bustling metropolitan area. A high-traffic area with various laws and many other people to watch out for can cause many accidents. 

Most of the common accidents in cities involve impatient and reckless drivers. Even if you try your best to be careful and aware of your situation, accidents can still happen. 

Contact a car accident attorney in New Smyrna Beach right away if you are involved in a metro traffic accident. If you contact Esposito Law Firm, we will be sure to give your case the proper attention it deserves, whether it involves court cases or insurance representation. 

Tailgating Accidents

Another common issue in metropolitan areas such as in New Smyrna Beach is tailgating accidents. When someone drives too close to the car in front of them, they may not have enough space to stop if something happens. 

The safe distance between vehicles depends on speed and road conditions, so it often changes. They are often nothing more than a crumpled fender and maybe a bit of neck pain, but they can cause more serious problems, even pile-ups if more cars get involved. 

Even if the accident is minor, it is important to contact an attorney specializing in car accidents such as this as soon as you can. Insurance companies might not be willing to pay out right away, even if it is covered by your policy. 

Speeding-Related Accidents

Another very common accident found in busy areas like New Smyrna Beach are speeding accidents. Many people don’t enjoy following the speed limit and may think they are safe going over the posted speed. 

However, roads are designed to be safe at certain speeds. Going over the posted speed limit greatly increases the risk of an accident or injury. 

Regardless of who was at fault, and who was cited as at fault, contact a car accident attorney as soon as possible to recover and get a good settlement.

Fatigue-Related Accidents

With people leading busy lives, fatigue is growing more and more common as the cause of an accident. People may not realize how tired they are or may believe they will be fine to make it to their destination. 

Driving while fatigued is very common in all cities, even New Smyrna Beach. People don’t take the proper steps to wait until they are more rested before driving or finding an alternate ride. Even the most responsible drivers can find themselves getting involved in a fatigue-related accident. 

These accidents can vary in severity as well. No matter how bad the accident, you should always contact a car accident attorney in New Smyrna Beach as soon as you can. 

Trust Esposito Law Firm To Get It Right In New Smyrna Beach

When you get into a car accident in New Smyrna Beach, finding an attorney right away is your best option. Not just any attorney will do, you must find an attorney you can trust. 

Car accident attorney Brian Esposto at Esposito Law Firm can provide that high-quality, trustworthy legal representation that you need to make sure you have help with your insurance companies and any court cases you may face. 

Don’t worry about wondering if you found a good attorney and are getting the proper help. Trust Esposito Law Farm to make sure your case is given the best care. 

Next Steps After An Accident In New Smyrna Beach

While we hope that you never have to deal with a car accident in New Smyrna Beach or anywhere else, we know that life happens. We want to make sure that if you do ever find yourself in an accident, you have the care and help you need and are prepared if anything happens. 

These are steps you should take after you are cleared by a qualified medical professional and ready to get started on the next steps. 

Contact A Car Accident Attorney

As soon as you can, the very first step you should take is to find a car accident attorney in your area. Someone local will know local laws and regulations much better than someone that works primarily in a different area. 

The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner you can start sharing the information and the next steps you need to take. It is important to find the right attorney for you. You need to find someone with experience in car accidents and cases in the area. Someone with a positive track record or a recommendation from a friend or family member is best. 

Unfortunately, not every attorney is the same. You may not have time to meet with every law firm to find someone who works for you, but finding someone that has a good history of cases and positive feedback is very important. Even if your case seems to be moving quickly and you don’t feel you have enough time, it is important to find an attorney that works well with you and not just the first one you come across. 

Request Police Records For Your Accident

Your attorney should help you figure out your next steps. Often it involves getting the accident report from the police or appealing your insurance for compensation. 

Having as much detail about your accident as you can is very helpful. By contacting the police department, you can get all the information from the accident such as police records and additional supporting documents. If you can get traffic camera video and eyewitness reports as well, that would be beneficial. 

Whether you are fighting court cases or with your insurance company, having all of this information and an attorney at your disposal  can make things much easier. 

Keep Detailed Records Of Your Expenses

From the moment you encounter the accident, start keeping records of all of your expenses, in as much detail as possible. Include every expense you made, as some payments and expenses might be related to your accident in ways you may not catch at first. 

Without this detailed report, it can be hard even with an attorney to get the money you deserve. It can also serve to show the judge how exactly the accident has impacted your daily life so they are more likely to side with you. 

Medical expenses, lost wages, and car costs make sense, but did you know food-related costs can count as well? If you are too injured to cook for yourself and have to eat out or buy pre-made food, that can be counted towards your expenses as well. Your attorney should be able to help you know what all costs can be included to give you the best chance at a positive settlement. 

What To Expect From Esposito Law Firm

Not every attorney is the right attorney for you, or even trustworthy. You deserve to work with an attorney in New Smyrna Beach that you can trust and has your best interests at heart. 

If you decide to trust Esposito Law Firm with your case, this is what you can expect from us. 

Years Of Experience

Mr. Esposito and his team have a combined lifetime experience in representing those involved in a variety of accidents in the New Smyrna Beach area. We know how to find evidence to support your case, make convincing arguments, and understand the challenges that come with complicated car accidents. 

We have worked alongside insurance companies and fought challenging settlements that don’t help our clients. We put every bit of that experience to work to make sure you get the insurance settlements you deserve and not just the offer the company gives you. 

Knowledge Of The Local Community

Having worked in the area, those at Esposito Law Firm are well-connected. Businesses and attorneys both need to have ties to the local community to operate effectively. We understand the culture in New Smyrna Beach, the people, and the legal challenges our clients will face. 

Trust us to provide the best possible way. You deserve legal representation that cares about your experiences and understands your situation. We commit to having your needs met and helping the community as a whole here at Esposito Law Firm. 

Understanding Nuance In Cases

The law firms that try to implement a “one size fits all” for all their clients are usually not very helpful and don’t often have their client’s best interests in mind. Law firms with this mentality tend to take a large number of cases, and leave many of their clients at the bottom of the stack, not getting the help they need. 

You deserve better than this. 

When working with the Esposito Law Firm, we commit to giving you and your case the attention and care that you need after your car accident. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” in legal cases, and we understand that. We pay attention to the nuances in each and every case, no matter how large or small. That way, we can represent each person in the best way possible and keep their interests at heart as we move forward with their cases. 

Our methodology is growing every day as we learn and grow from each person we work with. We adapt to an individual’s needs for every case and accident. This may not be Tampa, but New Smyrna Beach has plenty of diversity, and you need flexible representation and people who understand what it means to cater to your needs. 

A Track Record of Excellence

There is nothing worse than trusting a law firm’s claims or ads, only to find out later they are known for letting down their clients and not working their best with every person. Mr. Brian J. Esposito, the head of Esposito Law Firm is renowned and has a long track record of successful cases and high-quality representation, no matter the size of the case. 

We  really do care about each and every client that comes through our doors. That is what makes it so easy for us to be one of the best car accident attorneys in the New Smyrna Beach area. 

So please, don’t wait. Contact us now so we can get started in helping you with whatever you may need today. 

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