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No one wants to be in a car accident, but the good news is that you can recover from an accident a lot easier if you know what to do in the moment. And who can help you know how to deal with an accident best? A specialized car accident attorney that’s who.

You deserve support while you’re dealing with the aftermath of an accident, no matter how mild or severe. Don’t try to go it alone. Work with a qualified car accident attorney in Deltonaand see the difference a car accident attorney can make for yourself.

What To Expect After Contacting A Car Accident Attorney In Deltona?

When you contact a car accident attorney there are a few things you should always expect. These are signs that your attorney is taking your case seriously, and that they care about you and your situation.

First is that your attorney will schedule some time to talk about the details of your case, go over things like your insurance company and the insurance of other people involved in the crash, and talk about your experience including if you were injured or needed medical care after the accident.

After that, they’ll likely ask for you to provide some records of the accident, both your own records and the records from the police station. For privacy reasons your attorney might not be able to collect those themselves until you’ve decided to hire them for sure, but you can provide documentation to whoever you choose.

After going over the details of your accident and the aftermath your car accident attorney will give you their impressions and recommendations for how to move forward. In some cases, they may advise you that you’ve already got a good settlement from insurance, in other cases, they may suggest you negotiate for more, or tell you that this looks like the kind of case that will go to court.

You should be able to ask your attorney questions at any point in this process, and it’s important to keep in mind that they’re always working with your best interests in mind.

Your attorney can also answer questions about what an insurance negotiation or potential court case will look like, what you can do to prepare, and what kinds of evidence are going to be most helpful.

In addition, if your case is serious and you do need their legal counsel, your car accident attorney in Deltona may reach out to local experts in car accidents, medical care, or other aspects of your case that need further clarification for information and even testimony.

Common Types Of Car Accident In Deltona

While Esposito Law is here for you if you do ever get into an accident, we know that no one wants to be in a car accident. In fact, if you can avoid them entirely that’s usually the best solution.

One of the best ways to avoid accidents in Deltona is just to know what kinds of accidents are most common and what you should keep an eye out for.

After all, being prepared is one of the best ways to make sure you’re ready for the worst, and to avoid it happening in the first place. Knowing what type of accidents happen in the Deltona area is one of the best tools you have to be prepared.

Here are some of the most common accidents in the Deltona area, and some of what you can do to help prevent them.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the main causes of accidents in the Deltona area, and it’s also growing to be more of a problem across the country. After all, there are more and more distractions that can affect your ability to drive and concentrate on the road.

Even something as simple as having passengers in the car can make it harder to concentrate on the road, so more serious distractions like texting on your cell phone can be incredibly dangerous.

The other problem that’s making distracted driving such a big problem is that drivers are often dealing with more than one distraction at the same time. For instance, the use of GPS and entertainment systems in the vehicle mean that drivers can even be distracted by technology designed to make navigation easier!

The best thing you can do to keep yourself, other drivers, and your passengers safe is to be aware of the kinds of distractions that are most dangerous for you and avoid them. You should also try to minimize the distractions you’re having to deal with if you’re driving in bad weather, heavy traffic, or other challenging conditions.


Speeding is one of the most common causes of accidents across the country, which is a real challenge for drivers. A lot of drivers speed all the time, but the problem is that not only does speeding make accidents more common, it also makes accidents worse when they do happen.

That means that speeding puts you and other drivers at much greater risk. The further above the speed limit you go, the more dangerous speeding becomes. Worse, roads are usually designed with a specific speed in mind and are built at a slight angle through curves to make it easier for drivers to keep their vehicles going in the right direction.

But if you’re speeding, the roads won’t be built with your speed and momentum in mind, which makes it even harder to maintain control.

In short, the easiest way to prevent speeding accidents is to obey speed limits and go with the flow of traffic on the road. Even if other drivers are driving under the speed limit, it’s usually better to follow the flow of traffic than to try and get around slower drivers.

Not Obeying Traffic Signs

Traffic signs and lights are some of the most basic tools we use to keep the roads safe, but it’s still surprisingly common for drivers to ignore traffic signs, or just not see them while they’re driving.

Distracted driving and speeding can both contribute to this problem because it’s harder to see signs or obey traffic lights if you’re moving too quickly, or not looking at the road.

Running red lights is one of the most dangerous things you can do on the road, but not noticing other traffic signs can be a big problem as well.

The best way to avoid accidents caused by ignoring traffic signs is to keep an eye on the road and look for all signage so you can be aware of the changes in speed limits, warnings about upcoming accidents or road conditions, or detours, and construction.

Listening to traffic signs and lights is one of the most basic, but also most important, ways for you to keep yourself safe on the road.

Driving Under The Influence

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is one of the first things we’re taught not to do when it comes to being a safe driver. So much so that even most kids know that you can’tsafely drive under the influence.

However, DUIs are still relatively common and can cause some of the most severe accidents on the road.

It’s not just alcohol that causes DUIs either. Almost any substance that chances your reaction times, depth perception, or judgment can impact your ability to drive safely and qualify for a DUI if you’re caught driving recklessly or dangerously under the influence.

Even if driving under the influence doesn’t result in an accident, it’s still exceptionally dangerous and comes with serious consequences.

If you’re driving safely it’s important to make sure you’re also keeping an eye out for drivers that are driving erratically or seem to be driving under the influence. Giving reckless drivers more space on the road, and even reporting them to the local DUI hotline are two options that can help you stay safer on the road.

Weather-Related Accidents

The weather in Deltona is usually fantastic for driving. Sunny and clear skies with good visibility make it easier to tell where you are on the road, and where other vehicles are in relation to you.

But, that doesn’t mean that bad driving weather won’t happen from time to time. For one thing, Florida gets a fair amount of rainstorms and even severe hail.

Driving in bad weather increases the odds that you’ll get in an accident and can make the accidents even worse when they happen.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles might be a ton of fun to ride and a common enough mode of transportation in Florida, but that also means that all drivers need to be aware of motorcycles and how to drive around them safely.

Motorcycle-involved accidents are still relatively common, and can often be more severe than other kinds of accidents because motorcyclists don’t have as much protection while they’re driving.

For motorcyclists, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is as visible as possible, which may mean adding reflective strips or lights to help improve visibility. It’s also important to make sure you’re wearing all of your protective equipment, especially a helmet, every time you’re on your motorcycle.

That way, even if you are involved in an accident, you’re better protected against it.

For other vehicles, it’s important to make sure you’re giving motorcyclists plenty of space and paying attention to changes in speed so you can adjust accordingly. It’s important not to crowd motorcycles since they often slow down faster than larger vehicles can.

Trust Esposito Law Firm To Get It Right

No matter what kind of accident you’ve been involved in, even if it didn’t make this list, Esposito Law can help. We’ve got experience representing clients from Deltona and the surrounding area, are familiar with local law and court systems, and even have the experts and professional connections we need to help consult on complicated cases.

No matter what kind of car accident case you’re dealing with, we’re confident we have the experience to help.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a recent accident in Deltona, contact Esposito Law for the legal help you deserve.

Next Steps After An Accident In Deltona

While we hope you never have to take these steps, everyone needs to know how to best protect themselves in the aftermath of an accident. Here are a few simple steps you can take to make sure you have the best possible outcome after an accident and to make sure you have the best chance to make a strong case if you need to go to court after your accident.

These steps are specifically meant to be taken after the accident is over and you’ve already gotten medical care. Making sure you are safe after an accident should always be your first priority. But, the sooner you can start on these steps the better off you’re likely to be.

1. Contact A Car Accident Attorney

Once you’re safe and dealing with the aftermath of your accident, one of the first steps you should take is to contact your car accident attorney. If you don’t have an attorney you’ve worked with before, take a look at local car accident attorneys in Deltona to find someone you think would be a good fit for your needs.

Schedule a consultation appointment to go over the details of your case and get advice on the best next steps you can take to protect yourself and ensure the best outcome for your car accident case.

2. Request Police Records For Your Accident

Your attorney will likely need access to police records from your accident and the more detailed the records the better. You should also provide your own records, including how you feel physically and mentally in the aftermath of the accident.

After all, the consequences of an accident aren’t just medicalbills or car repair costs.

Make sure to request the official police report from your accident, as well as any witness reports, and photos or video from traffic cams in the area. Even if your accident wasn’t caught on camera, information from nearby cameras might provide important information for your case.

3. Keep Detailed Records Of Your Expenses

This step is incredibly important if you want to make sure you’re getting fair compensation after a car accident. Knowing what kind of expenses you had after your accident, including lost hours at work, medical bills, and even expenses like needing to buy food or get a home health aide can be used to argue for more compensation or a better settlement.

Only a qualified attorney will be able to tell you what expenses should be included in your case and what expenses don’t qualify.

That means that the more detailed your records the easier it will be to make sure you get fair compensation from insurance or through the courts.

What To Expect From Esposito Law Firm

If you’re looking for a car accident attorney, or just want to know who to contact if you’re ever in an accident, you should know a little more about Esposito Law.

Esposito Law has a long track record in Florida, but it’s not just that we’re local to Florida that’s important, here’s what we bring to every client and every case we handle.

Years Of Experience

Esposito Law has an experienced team, not just our attorneys, but also the support team that helps us build our cases, stay on schedule, and perform research. That means that you get all of our collective experience on each and every case.

Not only does that mean we know what matters most in car accident cases, but we also know how to navigate local law, local court systems, and what kind of issues are most important when it comes to getting a good settlement.

We’re also familiar with local insurance companies, and can help you anticipate hurdles in your case and how things are likely to progress.

Knowledge Of The Local Community

Being local to Florida is one of the biggest advantages you get when you work with Esposito Law. We understand the local community, culture, and resources, which means we know exactly how to help our clients.

We also are established in the area, which means we know exactly who to call for a consultation or to get witness testimony on a case.

You’re in good hands when you work with Esposito Law.

A Track Record Of Excellence

You don’t want to work with just any car accident attorney after you’ve been in an accident. You want to work with attorneys that have a proven record of success and who know how to best represent their clients in a wide range of situations.

At Esposito Law, we’ve got a proven record of success throughout our whole history. Our past clients can speak to our skill and compassion when it comes to car accident cases, and we’ll bring the same knowledge and excellent service to your car accident case as well.


Have you or a loved one been in a car accident recently? Don’t wait. Contact Esposito Law and see if we’re the right car accident attorney in Deltona for you.

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